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An Introduction To Immigration Law

The United States of America is among the hot favorite destinations for immigrants from across the world. This land of opportunities is thronged by thousands of immigrants every year. However, they need to adhere to the legislations, rules, regulations, and procedures as applicable to the immigrant and non-immigrant visas. Apart from the visas, there are several applications concerning asylum seekers, citizenship, marriage with foreign nationals, adoption of children born in a foreign country, naturalization, etc. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), under strict guidance and supervision from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the US Department of State (DOS), implements and enforces immigration and related laws in the country.

Objective of Immigration Law

The main objective of the immigration laws is to scrutinize every application so that only genuine immigrants are allowed entry into the country. Post 9/11, the security measures especially related to immigration laws have been tightened so that the continuous influx of immigrants can be controlled and made more stringent. These are now followed religiously without entertaining any exceptions that were earlier allowed on case basis. These security protocols and deterrent measures reflect the seriousness with which the US government has taken the threat of global terrorism from which no country is safe. The flip side of these restrictive measures, however, has been the difficulty in getting immigration and asylum applications approved from the concerned authorities. Entry into the country was never this difficult for even tourists and other visitors.

Immigration Process

Immigration law encompasses different processes concerned with immigration into the United States of America. These include immigration policy, immigration naturalization, immigration visa, and immigration status.

Any individual born in a foreign country, irrespective of their status, who wants to simply visit the US or immigrate to the country, is subject to the stringent rules, procedures and limitations governing the US immigration law. Work permits, legal residency and visas involve the understanding of technical language, which is hard to comprehend by a layman. Moreover, the applicant needs to be extra careful in adhering to these regulations since their violation could lead to deportation, incarceration and/or banishment from the country.

The best course for all immigration aspirants in the US is to seek the assistance of capable immigration lawyers who understand the intricacies involved in the process and can guide you to attain your goal. They will make sure that you understand the legal requirements and assist in the fulfillment of the conditions attached with your application. For an error-free and hassle-free processing of the application, the services of qualified immigration lawyers are indispensable.

A good immigration lawyer can assist you in procuring a Permanent Residency (popularly known as Green Card), an Immigrant Visa, a Non-Immigrant Visa, a Business Visa, a Visitorís Visa, a Student Visa, a Temporary Work Visa, Naturalization, and a Medical Treatment Visa.

The services of an immigration lawyer include consulting, visa filing, and other services that facilitate and ensure that you get the visa you desire. For any questions or queries regarding the applicable immigration law, do contact an immigration lawyer.

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